Peanut Butter

Application area: Eyebrows-Shading, Correction
Temperature: warm
Description: Warm beige. Optimal to mix dark eyebrow colors lighter. Set highlights or lighten up too-dark eyebrow pigmentations.
For years now, artists from across the world have been putting their trust in the colors from Organicline, which allow for excellent quality, individual and personalized color perfection. In 2018, we further improved the composition of our iron-oxide-free colors. The optimized Organicline offers the same color nuances as the previous line.

We have developed an innovative binding material for the colors, which makes it easier to apply the organic pigments onto the skin. You can achieve perfect results with the colors thanks to their improved viscosity and pigment flow. The colors don’t dry out as quickly, so that you can pigment more comfortably.

495 kr